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Our juices are freshly pressed and made in-house. No outsourced manufacturers here. Come experience the difference with Danie’s Natural Juice Blends, and don’t forget to bundle your juices!


Mindset Matters and More with Danie the Juiceologist

Listen in to our founder, Danielle ``Danie`` Marshall!

What our clients say

Just finished [my] 5 day Detox and [am] very pleased with [the] results. Stomach feels less bloated and Juices actually taste good!! I drink 2 a day and eat small meal. Placing another order today!!
Trinia Mason-Walker
Danie’s juices are hands down the best I’ve ever tasted! On top of that her customer service is exemplary! You won’t find a better provider of fresh cold pressed juices, that is knowledgeable about the combinations to give you to help you achieve your goals and ALL the encouragement you could ever need to make sure your body is getting the best it needs!
You won’t be disappointed!
Yvette Cristina Duke
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