Frequently asked questions

Solid plant-based foods have to go through the digestive process before our bodies can make use of them. That means that even when we do eat the right foods, our damaged digestive systems (due to toxic/nutrient lacking) prevent us from fully absorbing and utilizing the nutrition that these foods have to offer.

When you drink raw, cold-pressed juice, you bypass the digestive process and maximize the nutrients you’re able to soak up. Your digestive system gets to rest as your body is directly blasted with concentrated nutrition.

Fresh juice has a much higher concentration of instantly absorbable nutrients than any other form of sustenance! As a result, your whole body is rebooted, revitalized, and restored.

When you give your body nothing but pure nutrition that it can absorb easily and quickly, you start to feel the effects immediately! Many people see the following during and after a juice cleanse:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Detox & Hydrate
  • Reset  for Healthier Eating Habits
  • Eliminate Bloating
  • Regulate Blood Sugar
  • Reduce Chronic Inflammation
  • Prevent Heart Disease
  • More energy
  • Clear bright skin
  • Powerful workouts
  • Deeper sleep
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased focus

There is no cut and dry answer. It all depends on your personal situation, and we notice there is a range of different frequencies that our customers do a juice cleanse:

  • At a minimum, it is beneficial to cleanse once every three months (a lot of people like to time this with the changing of the seasons).
  • Once a month to keep your health and weight loss goals on track.
  • Once a week (3-5 days) for a month or longer for more serious health and weight loss goals.
  • The ultimate juice cleanse: every day for 2+ weeks. Yes, this is healthy as long as you are getting enough variety. You can supplement our juices with raw fruits and vegetables or protein smoothies.

Why We Freeze Our Cold-Pressed Juices

Our juices have been made & sold Fresh Frozen since 2016, because we don’t use any preservatives or heating techniques (pasteurization, gentle pasteurization, or high-pressure processing {HPP}).

Our juices may be kept frozen up to one year and have a refrigerated shelf life of 7 days.

The options are:

  • Pasteurization or Gentle Pasteurization- both apply varying high heat temperatures for varying lengths of time and destroy most vitamin content, all enzyme activity, and destroy the flavor. Colors, flavors, and artificial vitamins are put back into the liquid that was once juice. This includes any juice that is sold in grocery or convenience stores (orange juice, apple juice, tropical juices, etc).
  • High-Pressure Processing {HPP}- applies pressure that indirectly raises the temperature and destroys varying degrees of enzyme activity. This includes the juice cleanse companies that are selling in grocery stores. Even if they say they are raw, they are not because raw juice simply does not have enough of a shelf life to be able to sit in a refrigerator for a month. HPP kills potential pathogens, but it also kills phytonutrients, enzymes, and vitamins. Juice companies continue to propagate the myth that HPP is the same as raw as a way to prolong shelf life so companies can distribute their product to retailers and make more money.
  • Freezing-  Freezing is the only option that doesn’t destroy the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or flavor. Raw cold-pressed juices once frozen must be kept in the freezer and can be stored for 6-8 months without degrading the flavor or nutrition. Once thawed they taste as if they were just made and all of the nutrients and enzymes are intact.

All commercial juice is pasteurized, which is why it can sit on a shelf for months. Is that what you want?

Some fresh juice companies are using high-pressure processing {HPP} and still calling it raw. Technically it isn’t, and HPP does destroy enzyme activity.

Everything that we have found regarding freezing and enzyme activity says that freezing cold-pressed juice does not destroy enzymes. 

So YES, our raw cold-pressed juices are fresh even though they are frozen. We only use fruits and vegetables. We juice the produce in small batches, bottle it immediately, flash freeze it, and store and ship it frozen.


Freezing is the best option to get fresh raw juices from us to you without compromising its nutritional integrity and giving you the convenience of not having to consume all of the juices right away.

1. Put all of your juice bags in the freezer immediately and store until you are ready to drink them.

2. Thaw in refrigerator those juices that you intend to drink for the next day.

TIP: Put the amount of bags you need for the day in the fridge the night before. Bags thaw relatively easily usually in 18-24 hours, depending on your fridge temperature.

3. Once thawed, drink bags should remain in the refrigerator and consumed within 5 to 7 days.

NOTE: Separation is natural once thawed, shake well and enjoy Danie’s Natural Juice Blends!

Once your juices are purchased and delivered, you cannot return the juices for any reason at any time.

If a promotional (promo) or coupon code is available, you may enter it on the Checkout page/screen to enjoy a percentage or flat fee discount.

If juices are not delivered, our team will confirm with the shipping/delivery company to confirm delivery was not completed. If it was an error due the shipping/delivery company, or Danie’s Natural Juice Blends, we will resolve the matter internally. A refund may be provided at our customer service teams’ discretion. If the error was due to the client/customer providing the wrong address; the client/customer will not be refunded.

Subscriptions must be canceled within 10 business days prior to delivery of juices. Cancelation requires a phone call to our Customer Service team and written email notification.

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